5 Gallon Buckets: the Ultimate Airtight Storage Containers (link)

Who doesn’t love 5-gallon buckets? I certainly do, and I’m beginning to wonder if I have a slight fetish for them. ;) After all, they’re so darn useful! Here’s the first part of the post:

“I challenge you to think of a better airtight storage container than a 5 gallon bucket. They are the perfect size for nearly anything that needs to be stored secure from oxygen and moisture.

If a container is airtight, it’s also watertight. That’s a key factor because water is often more damaging than air. Too much moisture causes mold for instance, which ruins more than just food! I’ve seen a sleeping bag completely ruined by mold. Properly stored in an airtight 5 gallon bucket, that expensive sub 0 sleeping bag may still be usable today.”

Read the full article here

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