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A Life And Death Decision – Rushing to Your Shelter (link)

Trying to decide precisely when to bug out is always a critical question and a tough one, no doubt. This article discusses alerting members of your group, mapping times to get to your bug out shelter, dealing with unexpected guests, and more. FYI, this post has a companion post, if you will, titled How Long Do You Wait For Stragglers to Reach Your Shelter? that discusses how long to wait to shut the doors for good if not everyone has arrived. Here’s the first part of the primary post:

“If you have a shelter and are unfortunately in a region where there’s a danger of being caught by the initial immediate effects of a nuclear explosion, then of course you must get into the shelter and have it secured, shut, prior to any bombs being detonated.

Assuming you even get any warning about an imminent attack (and that’s a very big assumption which we evaluate in a separate article), you almost certainly won’t know how long it will be from when you receive the warning to when the warheads might arrive and explode above you…”

Read the full article here

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