A Simple Prep Saved The Day Today (I’m So Proud of Myself!)

I thought I would quickly mention that even the smallest of prepping acts can pay off. I’m referring to the fact that my wife locked her keys in the car while at her office (about a 45 minute drive one way) which would have required me to either drive down there to unlock the car or pay someone to do so… can you say “bye bye $100 or a few hours of my time?”

Fortunately, I’m such a wonderful husband that I had the foresight to include a spare key in her day planner for just such an occasion. Of course, if she had locked her day planner in the car as well then it wasn’t so much of a great plan… will have to fix that too… argh!

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12 comments on “A Simple Prep Saved The Day Today (I’m So Proud of Myself!)
  1. Wife says:

    Yes dear you did save the day. Having a prepper husband does come in handy at times πŸ™‚

  2. Nita says:

    With the battery operated locks, I’ve heard the doors can also be unlocked over the phone if both have the control. So far, I’ve been blessed not to lock myself out of my vehicle..now to work on my house door! Thank God for reliable neighbors holding my spare key!

  3. Lonna says:

    I have 3 sets of keys. The set I use the most. Another set, I keep in my “watch pocket” of my jeans whenever I leave the house. (I only wear jeans – no slacks, skirts, whatever. YES! I wear some sort of top also! ;^p) And I have another set in the case I take with me when I don’t carry a purse. Plus – I can call my son, who also has a set.

  4. Bill says:

    Duct taped to the back of license plate.

  5. Ron says:

    A good place to put a magnetic key holder is inside of one of the hub caps. Place it at the center of the actual wheel, not the hubcap. That way it will stay put and not throw the wheel off balance.

  6. JAS says:

    My father taught me a simple trick to solve this issue. Keep a spare key inside of one of the rear lights. Be sure to pick one that is removable from the exterior of the car. If you don’t have your screw driver with you, you can generally find someone who does. If you are locked out, just remove the lens or if you must break it. This trick saved him a couple of time when he lost his keys while hunting back in the woods with no way to call out.

    • Nice idea but I would imagine most vehicles can only remove their lights from the inside, at least, that’s the way mine are. I once looked into using a magnetic key holder but never found a great spot for that either.

    • Tony says:

      Many car and truck rear side marker light fixtures are accessed through the outside of the vehicle, not the trunk or bed. A small flat head screwdriver, coin, credit card, or long fingernail may be enough to pop out the fixture. A spare key could be secured within the fixture.

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