The Ultimate DIY Survival Blanket (video)

This is a long video but quite interesting nonetheless. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of effort to make this particular blanket but doing so could be very useful to you for a bug out or for general backpacking use.

You can skip to about the 8:15 mark to get to the heart of the blanket idea, though he does cover some of the details of the blanket and bag that he made for it in the beginning of the video if interested. Last at about the 15:20 mark he heads out into the woods and begins to demo his ultimate survival blanket in a handful of different ways which I found quite interesting as well…

“High Lines” and “Pipelines” As Alternate Bug Out Routes (video)

Developing bug out routes is a must for any prepper and being able to travel relatively easily in any cardinal direction is a must since you never know which way you’ll be forced to travel. This is an interesting take on the idea of developing alternate bug out routes using power lines, pipelines, and railroads to stay off the beaten path which is, in my opinion, nearly as important…

How Far Can You Walk, Really? (link)

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I thought this was an interesting question and exercise Jim and his wife undertook this past weekend.

Rather than being one of those extreme “how far can you bug out” type of questions where you lugged a 50+ pound bug out bag through dense underbrush for days on end, they decided to see if they could more or less walk the distance of a marathon in a single day with fairly lightweight packs around a scenic lake.

Besides some significant soreness and age-related gripes, they finished the hike that same day. More importantly, however, for you and I are a few useful takeaways Jim left us with throughout the article and really… just the question of “what can you do” if you had to right now?

I might also point out that the weather conditions were favorable, walking paths relatively good in most cases, their loadouts were fairly light, and stress level was probably around zero.

In a true bug out situation these conditions could be very different and, so, you shouldn’t assume that you can replicate a dry run like this during a real bug out situation. That said, at the very least, it’s a good starting point to understand what you and your spouse might be capable of accomplishing.

Here’s the first part of the article…

“If you had to bug out right now, in your current physical condition, how far could you go on foot in a day? I don’t mean under the weight of a heavy pack or while trying to dodge someone who might be tracking you. I mean, how far do you think you could you make it in a single day if you had to do it, say, tomorrow?

Near where we live is a large lake. It is about 8 square miles in size, so while not huge it is a pretty good-sized puddle. Unique among lakes in this area, it has a recognized “shore path” that surrounds it. This single track path is publicly accessible year round. The path consists of varying surfaces throughout, from concrete to stepping stones to loose gravel to just plain grass. There are low spots where you are mere inches from the water and high spots that overlook the waves crashing against the shore…”

Read the full article here

How to Use a Shephard’s Sling (video)

I can’t say that this would be anything more than a last-ditch weapon or way to catch game but if you’re looking for a lightweight idea for a bug out bag then this Shepard’s Sling could be just what you’re looking for; just make sure to practice with it A LOT before assuming you’ll be able to use it effectively…

Form-A-Funnel Flexible Draining Tool (video)

Although he’s using it for his motorcycle and around the house, I could see this Form A Funnel being tossed into a bug out bag or vehicle kit for various survival uses, such as for funneling water. He suggests the larger size might be of more use, particularly for being molded into a handy container…

TAC-BAR: Tactical Food Rations (video)

The Urban Prepper does another one of his 72 emergency food ration challenges, this time with the Tac-Bar Food Rations, something I haven’t tried before. The neat thing is that he does a cost and calorie comparison of these survival bars as compared to the others he’s tried which is a real eye-opener.

If you don’t mind spending a significant more amount of money (as compared to the other survival bar options, that is) these could be a useful way to go. At the very least you’re getting more than just the survival ration bars, including items such as an emergency blanket, compass, minor fishing supplies, and water purification tablets, all in a handy container…

Boat Bug Out: 3 Days Was Plenty!

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I found this an interesting read. After all, where I live I’m virtually surrounded by water so it has certainly crossed my mind more than once about bugging out by boat. Perhaps someday I’ll have the means to do so… until then my bug outs are landlocked.

Unfortunately, he didn’t seem to take nearly enough supplies with him or prepare for such a scenario. It seems that was part of the challenge he was looking for. I’d imagine that if he’d opted to take more supplies he would have fared better, not to mention choosing a better boat besides a leaky one without a motor, lol…

“When you have to bug out on a boat, it puts a whole new twist on survival.  It is estimated that 80-90% of the earth’s population lives near a major body of water.  When highways and city streets get jammed up, a boat may be your best way out.  Also, there are plenty of survival scenarios where a ship is sinking or a plane goes down and survivors are left on a life raft.  It is very feasible that your survival skills could be put to the test on the water.

I complete several survival challenges every year to prepare myself for various scenarios and test my skills.  When planning this spring, I realized that I have hardly ever read about boat challenges or seen them on television.

When I really started to dive into this scenario, I came to the conclusion that this is not attempted because of the level of difficulty.  Few survivalists are qualified to handle this type of test.  I planned my challenge for the hottest weekend of the year and spent almost six months preparing.  It was a life changing experience…”

Read the full article here