Best Candles For Power Outage (video)

While candles aren’t the best option for power outages due to the potential fire hazard (look for inexpensive LED lanterns and LED flashlights instead) if you must stock candles consider these prayer candles since they’re self-contained and relatively inexpensive. Of course, there are a wide variety of survival candles available which may burn just as long or longer and be better suited for your needs; I keep a variety of survival candles as well but these prayer candles should work great for most situations…

Survival Hax Tactical Credit Card Tool Review

I have received this Survival Hax Tactical Credit Card Tool in exchange for an honest review.

It arrived on time and was well protected from damage during shipping, encased in a box and foam insert which was appreciated.

Upon unpacking one of the first things I noticed was its size. Yes, it’s length and width are about the same size as a credit card but it’s thickness is considerably larger as compared to one of those folding credit card knives you may have seen:

This, of course, is to be expected considering all of the tools included, but being a “credit card tool” I was half expecting it to be able to fit in my wallet. If I didn’t already have a ton of stuff packed in my wallet then maybe, just maybe, it would fit… but this tool really shouldn’t be expected to fit in a wallet unless you really carry nothing but a bit of cash and a few credit cards.

So, let’s talk about the various tools included (in no particular order) and here’s a photo of the tool with its various components removed:


The knife blade is about 1 1/2″ of usable surface area (maybe a little more) with a large portion of that being serrated. Personally, I would have preferred the knife be straight the entire length as I find that design more useful; again, that’s just a personal preference.

The knife does include a finger indent for better handling which is nice. I did, however, notice that even the straight edge of the knife wasn’t very sharp out of the box but a little touch-up should fix that. There’s also a small cutout in the knife to include a Hex Tool which I really wished they hadn’t done as this may compromise blade integrity.

Fire Starter

I like that it includes a fire starter and after some work I was able to remove some shavings and a few sparks, though I would have preferred it to be about twice as long to make using it a bit easier on me. It’s still usable, just not VERY usable.

Button Compass

There’s also a button compass inset into the tool that, when comparing to my phone’s compass is relatively accurate, at least enough to point you in the general direction you want to go.

Magnifying Lens

There is also a small magnifying lens inset into the tool next to the button compass. The magnifying lens is usable when you get it at the exact right distance which may be helpful in removing splinters, for example, but the bigger interest on my part would be whether or not I could use it start a fire. My inclination is “probably not” but that’s just a guess as I haven’t tried doing so. If someone has been able to do so I would certainly like to hear about it.

Tweezers and Toothpick

The tool also includes a small set of plastic tweezers which, to be honest, aren’t very usable whatsoever. I really would have preferred they were metal as I don’t see these plastic ones being able to properly grasp a tick, let alone a splinter. The toothpick, however, isn’t half bad even though it’s plastic.

Blade Sharpener

I was excited to see a blade sharpener included in the tool but, regrettably, it’s inset just enough into the tool that actually contacting the knife edge is rather difficult. Move the sharpener out a bit and it’s a nice addition.

Bottle Opener

While neat to include one I don’t see much of a survival use for this unless you happen to have a six pack you desperately need opened, lol. It looks like the tool also includes a flat head bit on the end which could prove useful in some situations.

Built-in Rulers

Each side of the credit card has a built in ruler, one in metric and the other in English, measuring about three inches.

Mini Whistle

This is a part of the tool I really liked, that being the mini whistle. It is rather small as you can see here (that’s my current keychain whistle and a mini Bic lighter for size comparison purposes):

The whistle is also rather shrill which I consider a good thing. The only drawback is that the whistle was included separately from the tool rather than being contained within like everything else. I would think that if they changed the design of the whistle a bit and made it fit in the credit card tool that would be a good thing.

Regardless, the whistle is good enough to be useful and quite small and, so, I’ve chosen to swap out my wife’s keychain whistle with this one which I’m sure she will appreciate.

Paracord Lanyard

There’s also a two or three foot lanyard included as well as a built-in anchoring point in the corner of the tool if you wish to use it. They say it’s 550 paracord but it sure doesn’t look like it to me; of course, I could be mistaken as I didn’t attempt to take any inner strands out.

Final Thoughts…

Ultimately, I really want to like this Survival Hax Credit Card Tool. It has some nice features and potentially useful ideas that other credit card sized tools simply do not.

That said, I cannot recommend it as a truly useful survival tool until some changes have been made.

Regardless, at a price of $12.99 this could be just the thing to get a child (maybe even a grandchild) into survival and preparedness. After all, I still remember some of the nifty gadgets I got to play with as a kid, how about you?

17 Ways To Repurpose Motor Oil (link)

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Motor oil has never been on my radar as something to re-purpose, that’s for sure. Now, every other oil on the planet has but NOT motor oil, lol. Regardless, I was quite surprised if the following suggestions are true as I’d never expected motor oil to be this potentially useful in ways other than in your vehicle. Granted, some of the suggestions are a bit over-the-top but if even half of them aren’t then motor oil may be something to hoard even more than you might otherwise expect:

“Motor oil is commonly considered a waste material, but it may become something of value to people trying to put their lives back together in a post-crisis world. People will try to scavenge whatever may be of use, and it’s understandable since it will take some time for mechanization to re-emerge with new products.

You’ll also have to deal with what you have, so learn to speak multipurpose, and don’t skip motor oil from this equation. So here’s how to reuse motor oil regardless of whether there is a major crisis to deal with or not.

Where to Find Used Motor Oil

Right now, used motor oil is more of a nuisance than something else you might consider valuable in the post crisis world.

For the most part, mechanic shops and recycling facilities will be the first places to go for used motor oil, but you should also consider…”

Read the full article here

Car Visor EDC Organizer (video)

Hey, I like it! It’s sort of like my Doorpad idea where you make use of spots in your vehicle that are likely underused.

I do wonder, though, how long those elastic straps will hold out with the weight of knives and flashlights stretching them?

What else could you put in there? Perhaps a small can of pepper spray or other handheld self defense item (like a Kubotan) comes to mind…

Ziploc Bag First Aid Kit (link)

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There’s no reason to get fancy with a first aid kit, a ziploc bag kit works just fine and, like the author says, has some advantages too.

Regarding the contents, I’d say he has the basics covered though I may have tossed in a few more OTC meds, such as Benadryl and perhaps something like Diotame (for things like diarrhea, nausea, indigestion) since they take up very little space. A pair of non-latex gloves would be good to include as well and also take up minimal space.

The beauty of a quick “grab and go” first aid kit like this is that it can be easily tailored to your specific situation, so if you need to include something more specific like prescription meds then you can do that no problem and then just remove them at the end of the day…

“I keep a ‘do-it-yourself’ First Aid Kit in a quart size Ziploc bag to fit nicely into any number of my various ‘bags’ (backpack, my Versipack’s, etc..).

Why do I do keep a First Aid Kit in a Ziploc?

While I do have a few other more substantial First Aid Kits, the minimalist (Ziploc) First Aid Kit works well for me because I can just slide it into a small space in my pack. Even if the pack is full, there’s a way to get it in there… Actually I just leave these Ziploc kits in the various bags so they’re always there.

There’s no extra bulk or weight of a hard container and there is the advantage of being able to see right into the Ziploc and what’s inside.

What First Aid items do I keep in a Ziploc bag?…”

Read the full article here

The Best (Leatherman) Multi Tool? (video)

He discusses several Leatherman multi tools and seems to prefer the Leatherman Surge. Personally, I like the Leatherman Wave (his second choice) but, to be honest, they’re all useful in certain situations and, so, it’s really up to you which one to go with. That said, he briefly discusses the differences between the various popular models so you can better choose which Leatherman multi tool would be best for you…

6 Great Reasons To Choose Lithium Batteries For Your Emergency Gear (link)

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I almost always use alkaline batteries for most my gear but keep plenty of rechargeable batteries for around the house and SHTF use. What about lithium batteries, you ask? Well, I have some of these too but tend to “save” them for my emergency gear stashes, such as in bug out bags, because they can be relied upon to work when needed. (These lithium batteries work great for that purpose.) Here’s 6 reasons why you should choose lithium batteries for your emergency gear needs as well…

“Lithium batteries may be considered a best choice for the most common type of consumer battery (AA-size) (and other sizes!) when used in emergency applications. That is, in a electronic device whereby you need the assurance that it will function at its full potential under harsh conditions and perhaps after having not been used for a very long time.

Here is a list of reasons why lithium batteries are the best:

Lithium batteries are becoming much more common and are now readily available as a replacement for the common alkaline-AA battery. While ‘NiMH’ Rechargeable Batteries are great and definitely have their advantages (they’re rechargeable!) (and for these reasons), there are certain applications and reasons why you might want to consider the lithium battery…”

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