37 Emerging Diseases That Have Pandemic Potential (link)

I honestly had little idea that there were so many diseases the CDC is keeping an eye on as a future pandemic threat and, believe it or not, the list doesn’t even include already established and widespread diseases such as Ebola and influenza!

As the following article later mentions, it wasn’t

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Ziploc Bag First Aid Kit (link)

There’s no reason to get fancy with a first aid kit, a ziploc bag kit works just fine and, like the author says, has some advantages too.

Regarding the contents, I’d say he has the basics covered though I may have tossed in a few more OTC meds, such as Benadryl and perhaps something like

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Dirty Bomb And Radiological Response Kit (link)

Ever wonder what you should do to prepare for a dirty bomb or, Heaven-forbid, nuclear war? How about treatment of radiation exposure? If not, you should have some clue about what you can and should do to both treat the victim as well as to minimize exposure to yourself as well.

With that in mind, the

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Dehydration Kills During Disasters – Signs And Symptoms to Know (video)

Dehydration is no joke and certainly possible during a disaster. Honestly, I’m surprised more people don’t have serious trouble from dehydration during emergency situations. Even when times are normal dehydration is easy wind up with. Just recently, in fact, my kid got rather sick for

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How to Treat and Prevent Cholera (video)

Cholera is no joke, hasn’t been eradicated whatsoever, and WILL rear its ugly head post-SHTF. You had better know how to properly treat it should the need arise! In this video, ThePatriotNurse discusses what you can do and suggests you purchase antibiotics for your “sick fish” <a

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How To Get Antibiotics Without A Prescription (video)

Just repeat the mantra: “my fish are sick, my fish are sick, my fish are sick” and you’ll be on the right track for sure, plus this video discusses a wonderful SHTF medical preparedness book, , which is written by two of my most favorite people, the Alton’s of DoomAndBloom.net

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How to Treat Tension Pneumothorax (video)

I’m glad I’m not an EMT! I can only imagine myself attempting to remember (let alone do) this if/when needed. I’d say the take away here is to call 9-1-1 should this ever be necessary. That said, if this is SHTF then you probably have no choice but to attempt. If you truly expect

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