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Daily YouTube BONUS – Storage Survival Cache

When you really get serious about prepping it’s hard to ignore caching. In this video, SensiblePrepper gives us his view on the subject, including many of the items he will keep in his cache and then shows us where he intends to store his goodies… in a storage unit. He even mentions going in on the storage unit with a buddy to save on the monthly fee and even what type of lock to use to better secure your gear.

[Note: This video was not made by the editor of RTS.]

2 comments to Daily YouTube BONUS – Storage Survival Cache

  • Christie

    Hi, you have some great info. I would have never though about using another name to rent the storage.
    And you are most right about your house burning down. Everything would be lost in our home,we would lose all our prep stuff.

  • Most educational and informative. Thank you for simplistic instruction for organized preparation for any type of disaster. Awesome teaching! Sandlapper

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