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Daily YouTube – Very Simple Brick Rocket Stove

I’m a huge fan of rocket stoves; once you understand the concept you can make a rocket stove out of so many things. This particular video shows how to make a simple one from bricks. I would like to mention two potential explosion cautions here:

1) The best bricks to use for this purpose would be “fire bricks” as they are meant to deal with the heat (other bricks might explode or simply deteriorate), and…

2) Do not use bricks that were recently rained on or immersed in water as they have the potential (I think) to explode if heated too quickly when wet… it’s the same idea as to not heat rocks that may have retained water.

[Note: This video was not made by the editor of RTS.]

3 comments to Daily YouTube – Very Simple Brick Rocket Stove

  • Nita

    In #2 above it was said not to use wet bricks. I noticed in the building process all of these bricks weren’t dry, and even the cement where he picked them up from was wet. In a small emergency fire perhaps this would be OK. Too hot though, I would be careful, especially around kids and dogs. Happy Prepping all!!

  • cheryl

    I remember attending an outdoor party at a friend’s house many years ago. They had built a large fire pit, lining and surrounding the entire thing with rocks. A while into the evening, these rocks became missiles. They were flying a good distance before slamming into the ground. Luckily, nobody was hurt.

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