Disaster Preparedness Strategies – Will Yours Work? (link)

I know we all like to think we know what we’re doing when it comes to being prepared but a problem arises if you listened to too much hype and didn’t do your own honest risk assessment. This article can help you figure out how to do your own assessment and talks about several of the more common “disasters” that most don’t see as a disaster. Here’s the first part of the post:

“Over the past few years Disaster Preparedness (‘prepping’) has become a popular topic. A very large mix of people have begun preaching prepping, all having different motives for promoting their particular views on ‘how to prepare’, which makes it very difficult and confusing for people who are trying to figure-out what to do. Because of this, some people end up doing the wrong things for the right reasons; they simply want to protect their families and friends. And in other cases, as a result of a lack of continuity in advice, some people do nothing at all, which may be just as bad.

Another problem is there are too many people pushing disaster preparedness concepts that are based upon fringe disaster scenarios related to events that occur in geologic time-frames of every 500,000 years and the like…”

Read the full article here

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