Emergency Preparedness for Senior Citizens (link)

In general, senior citizens need the same things younger folks need: food, water, shelter, heat (or air conditioning), and more. That said, they do tend to need more of other stuff, such as Rx medications, blankets for warmth, maybe hearing aid batteries, an extra set or two of vision glasses, and so on.

They also need to be checked on regularly (let's say daily) and should have other safety concerns in place such as plenty of functioning smoke alarms, easy egress from their home--senior citizens tend to lock things down tight!--and an easy way to call for help, be it 9-1-1 or something like Lifeline medical alert.

There a lot to be considered, that's for sure. Here's some additional thoughts on the topic:

"Senior citizens can protect themselves and cope with disaster by planning ahead. Knowing what to do is your best protection. First of all, it is a good idea to know which kinds of disasters are most common in your particular area. Preparing for a disaster that is likely to happen in your

area will help you be prepared for any disaster. Having a Survival Plan is absolutely necessary. Even if you have physical limitation, you can still protect yourself by having a plan..."

Read the full article here

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