Exterior Home Maintenance Post SHTF (link)

Just as with any other aspect of your preparedness plan the exterior of your home could use some attention as well. While I like the forward thinking, I would suggest there is a potential danger post-SHTF with keeping the yard in tip-top shape. ;) Here’s the first part of the post:

“Have you ever visited a home improvement store just before or right after a hurricane or other similar event? In many cases, you will find they will be packed out like the grocery stores and the only thing left on the shelves will be the wall paper and other home beautification items. Usually, when it comes to a hurricane, plywood and other similar siding or roofing materials will be the first items gone, followed shortly by tarps, rolls of plastic, etc. People make a mad dash just before or just after one of these events to gather supplies they feel like they will need post event or are in actual need of once the event has occurred and the stores have reopened. What most of the general population never seems to consider is ‘what if it is weeks or months before the stores reopen?’ ‘What if the stores never reopen?’ So what then? Do you have a plan? Have you incorporated basic home maintenance into your bug in planning?”

Read the full article here

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