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How to Make a Simple Root Cellar (link)

It may not look like much but a simple root cellar (or potato hole as I like to call it) may be the best you’ve got when it comes to keeping foods cooler in the summer heat. Here’s the first part of the post:

“Squirrels may ravage my garden, but I do appreciate their ability to store for winter. My ancestors did too–storing their harvest in self-dug root cellars. Here in Massachusetts, our winters are too chilly to keep crops in the soil, covered with straw, as they did in England. So the American colonists watched the squirrels put their acorns in holes and promptly did the same.

Root cellars make use of the consistent temperature and humidity present just a few feet beneath the soil…”

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2 comments to How to Make a Simple Root Cellar (link)

  • rassd71

    That’s definitely ‘simple’, but if you have ANY types of burrowing critters, such as ground squirrels, gophers etc, they’ll certainly find your buried goodies and make short work it! I would line it with expanded steel mesh or gopher wire at the very least. Chicken wire has too large of openings. Good 1/4 inch hardware ‘cloth’ would work as well. Personally for the few extra dollars in materials, it would be a savings in the long run. The other variations I’ve seen included burying a heavy rubbermaid garbage can, this too is not effective as even determined field mice can and will chew through those!

    • Yeah, that’s a really good point about gophers and such as they can be VERY determined and I’m sure one would learn their lesson very quick once their precious food has been ransacked. Thanks for pointing this out.

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