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If you're reading this then odds are that you've already registered for the Thrive Life consultant training I provide and tried to access training pages that were marked [RESTRICTED]. They're restricted because they contain proprietary Thrive Life information that I can only share with actual consultants... not just those interested in becoming a consultant.

To access these pages you need to first join my Thrive Life team and then email me, rethinksurvival (at) gmail (dot) com, indicating that you have done so. After verification I will grant you access to these valuable pages.

You can learn more about joining my team here (as well as your earning potential) assuming that you've already registered for the training.  If you have not yet freely registered and wish to do so, click here.

If you feel this was in error: Assuming you are now a Thrive Life consultant (you've registered through my consultant website and paid) and you are a part of my team then email me via the address noted above. Please give me a day or two to check my messages and make the change.

If you have no idea what any of this means: then you got here by mistake and should go to my homepage here... and forget everything you just read. :)

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