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Notes About RTS This Week

  1. This morning I started working on stream-lining the front page. In particular, I removed the “real time hazard monitoring” thumbnails that showed at the top of every page. I did so because I sometimes found that the thumbnails didn’t load correctly and they’re hard to see anyway. Plus it’s just more “stuff” trying to load that isn’t critical. You can still view the hazard monitoring page and related images using the appropriate links.
  2. I’ve also decided to show excerpts of posts rather than full posts on the homepage, again in order to cut down on load time. This really doesn’t affect anything except longer posts where you would need to click on the post title or click “continue reading….” to, well, keep reading. The Daily YouTube and Quick References should generally not be affected.
  3. I was recently made aware that SurvivalTop50 has updated their rankings. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep up with them and constantly update my own Survival To 50 page to reflect their changes. We’ll see.

Any feedback on the recent changes to the Quick Reference posts? Instead of posting one link at a time I’m trying to add more interesting/useful content. I’m not sure if this is more work for me or not but if you like it I’ll keep doing so.

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