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5 Day Flood Journal of 2007 Minnesota – Something to Beware Given Current Drought Situation

It was just brought to my attention by a friend and active participant here at reThinkSurvival that the Winona Daily News is running a 5 day journal about the floods of 2007 that devastated much of southeast Minnesota.

Why am I pointing this out now, especially since much of the country is knee-deep in record drought conditions? Because it’s exactly these type of bone dry conditions that allow flash flooding to wreck havoc on our environment. While many of us would happily welcome for rain these day–I know I would–just remember that too much rain can be every bit as devastating as too little. Hence, it’s important to understand what it can do to your community, home, and life.

From personal experience, I still vividly remember a similar situation that affected my neighborhood where I grew up in California. I recall sights like frantic sandbagging efforts, cars floating down the street, and even someone literally boating down the street as if it were a river. This problem actually happened to us twice until much larger sewer drains were installed to alleviate the problem. Scary!

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