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99 Capacities Series – Capacity #35: Continue Good Dental Practices

The thirty-fifth capacity that I introduce in my eBook is that you must [be able to] continue good dental practices. In it I state that:

You must “continue good dental practices. There’s no reason to have needless dental problems when you can easily stock additional toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental floss. Include some mouthwash and you’re all set.”

Fortunately, this weeks capacity is a very easy one to deal with. Proper dental hygiene simply means brushing, flossing, and if you’re so inclined, mouthwash too.

Most of us should be fairly well prepared for short term emergencies with respect to dental hygiene given that supplies like toothbrushes don’t simply go bad or get used up very fast. So, you could easily already have all the toothbrushes you need. However, you could also find yourself caring for extended family, friends, or neighbors too, so it couldn’t hurt to stock a few unused toothbrushes just in case.

Toothpaste and floss, on the other hand, does run out much more quickly so be sure to stock a few extra tubes of toothpaste as well as one or two rolls of floss. In addition, if your family uses mouthwash–and even if you don’t–it can’t hurt to include a bottle or two of mouthwash.

One of the easiest ways to stockpile dental supplies is to hold on to the freebies given away by your dentist at your regular checkups. If you keep the giveaways that each family member receives you can create quite a stockpile of dental kits in a year or two without spending a dime.

Remember that dental supplies include more than just the usual suspects of toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss. It could also include supplies needed for dentures, retainers, bridges, or whatever.

If you’re looking to prepare yourself for longer emergencies, it may be useful to include a dental kit that includes tools such as a dental scraper, tartar remover, and mirror.

Following these simple suggestions and I’m sure your dentist will be proud!

Note: This post is part of an ongoing series detailing the ideas from my free eBook, The 99 Capacities You MUST Acquire BEFORE Disaster Strikes You!, which you may freely download here.

1 comment to 99 Capacities Series – Capacity #35: Continue Good Dental Practices

  • Martin

    I’ve had dental problems in the past and they are quite painful, which just underscores how critical proper dental care is and will be in any long term emergency. The last thing you want are complications with your teeth and no access to dentists.