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A Few Changes and Additions to RTS

I have made a few changes to reThinkSurvival.com (RTS)…

  1. First and foremost, I’ve added a reThinkSurvival Pinterest channel (is that’s what it’s called?) with many hundreds of pins relating to emergency preparedness. You can easily access it at any time using the quick link buttons in the upper right-hand sidebar. I look forward to add many interesting and useful pins in the future.
  2. I had to remove the RSS feeds I linked to in the sidebar because something was still causing load issues at times. As much as I wanted to share these feeds with you all the time it just wasn’t working out. You can, however, access RSS feeds for many of the blogs in the Authorized Sites page. On a more positive note, I think this declutters the site a bit too.
  3. I’ve also removed a handful of ads from the left sidebar. To me they are too distracting. I suspect you will agree the reduction is a better move.
  4. The Top 50 RSS Feeds page is driving me crazy. To be honest, I have no idea why some feeds work and others don’t. By and large, most feeds work most of the time. I think it has something to do with trying to pull nearly 50 feeds at one time. Whatever the problem is I believe it is still a worthwhile resource and will continue to allow the page to “live”.
  5. I’ve added a “Recommended for You” WordPress plugin that will popup in the bottom right of the screen whenever you’re viewing a post. Hopefully this will produce a better reading experience for you. I would enjoy feedback about it one way or another.
  6. I’ve updated my About Me page to include a few pictures and a bit more about me. I want you, the readers, to get to know me a bit better and to show that I AM a real person with a real life and family. :)
  7. What do you think of the site header? Designed it myself but may tweek it a bit though. Hopefully it’s a bit catchy and explains what reThinkSurvival is all about.

16 comments to A Few Changes and Additions to RTS

  • T.R.

    The red star , second from the right looks like a soviet hammer and sicle emblem at first glance …………then again my eyes are not what they used to be .

  • Due to unpopular demand from comments and emails, I’ve removed the “Recommended for You” plugin. It sounded like a neat idea but I understand the annoyance they can bring.

  • HarleyDog

    Figured out your Pinterest link problem…you left out the “e” before the first “r” in “Pinterest.com” Page is looking betterer and betterer, tho.

    • Thanks for pointing that out. I always called it “pintrest” and it should have been “pinterest”. That’s what I get for making up my own words. :)

  • HarleyDog

    …and your Pinterest link gives a 404 not found error.

  • HarleyDog

    Lose the “recommended for you” pop-up. Many of us disable pop-ups for various reasons, one of them is they’re annoying. Put it in a stable box within your web site. And since many of us also clear cookies, we also can’t permanently opt out. Morer web page doodads aren’t always gooderer.

  • T.R.

    I like the new layout . The only thing I would suggest is a ” home ” button or make the header the home button for back and forth browsing .

  • SillyD

    I’ll check out pintrest today, it is fun. And you banner looks good. It quickly tells people what your site is about.