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A Few Notes About RTS This Week

Hope all is well for you this week. Following are a few notable updates regarding reThinkSurvival this week:

  1. Yesterday, I uploaded revised reThinkIt! Preparedness tools Excel files. I fixed at least a dozen different problems and annoyances and expanded on the Evacuation Routes information to provide for more information. If you haven’t tried to use these tools yet then perhaps you should.
  2. I also fixed all of the “How To” YouTube video links not playing when clicked.
  3. For those that would like to submit a Guest Post, the form now works when not logged in… feel free to include your input any time you like.
  4. Thanks again to all those who provided their input about my most recent eBook (The Prepping Secret). I’ve learned my lesson about trying such a drastically new delivery process! I’ve already had several suggestions and new ideas for future revisions.
  5. I’ve noticed reThinkSurvival.com is climbing on the Reader’s Choice Awards section of the Survival Top 50 sites which is totally awesome! While I’m not showing in the top 50 blogs yet (not sure when those rankings come out), I keep trying to provide useful and engaging content so, perhaps one day, I’ll get there with your help.

Last, I’m trying to figure out how to boost exposure and traffic (every blogger’s problem, I know). While I’ve had some awesome help from other wonderful blog owners over the past few months, I’m just not sure what else I can do. I’ve simply plateaued! If you have any suggestions I would love to hear what you think. I should note that I am on a shoestring budget so ideas that cause me to spend money (especially since I’m not selling anything to make money) probably won’t work. Everything else is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and consideration, Damian (aka., millenniumfly)

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  • Ed

    Thanks for getting those youtube videos to work. It was entirely too much effort to right-click and copy the url. ;)