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Build an Outhouse / Privy with plans from 1909 (link)

Someday a simple outhouse design like this one could be akin to sliced bread for toilets. ;) Note that the following article links to a book that can be downloaded in a variety of formats, I choose PDF and it looks just fine but is very large at more than 1000 pages. Here’s the first part of the post:

“Besides taking for granted how simply water normally arrives into our homes, sometimes we also fail to consider how easily we can discharge waste-water. Looking through one of my favorite old books the other night, I was reminded of how easy most of us have it today.

The 1909 book, Household Discoveries and Mrs. Curtis’s Cook Book, includes detailed plans for building a privy, which is quite useful ? right down to the size of boards and hardware required.

“It is believed that any 14-year-old schoolboy of average intelligence and mechanical ingenuity can, by following these plans, build a sanitary privy for his home” at an expense of $5 to $10 per receptacle, according to locality, the book states.”

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  • Is that a stain glass window? lol Pretty cool

  • T.R.

    MANY MANY houses in Maine still have indoor outhouses . They are not used anymore , but most of the houses were built in the 1800′s , and is still common to see them in the basements . Some had as many as 4 holes .