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CONTEST POST: Gadgets to Protect Your Home by N.B.

Short of installing a moat and putting bars on all of your windows, it can be difficult to be certain that your home is secure from intruders and safe for your family. Not only would a moat be expensive and unattractive, it isn’t exactly practical in this modern day and age. I can’t imagine what the home owners association would think of their residents installing moats. Thankfully, modern technology, along with a little common sense, has made securing your home much easier than you might think and also in a much more attractive way. You may think your dog or a dead bolt is all the protection you need but the reality is that may not be true. Investing in a few technological gadgets can help to deter criminal activity from occurring and provide you with an extra sense of security.

Alarm systems

In the past, home alarm systems were thought to be expensive and, at times, unreliable. This is not the case anymore as they come in all sorts of price ranges to fit any budget. Home alarm systems can be as simple or as advanced as you want; some even are connected with your fire alarm. Not only are home alarm systems deterrents for potential break-ins but many insurance companies give premium discounts to those that do have a home security system. If a break in does occur, a home alarm system will alert the authorities and police will arrive on the scene leaving the criminal little time to flee.

 Motion Sensor Floodlight

Of course, the purpose of protecting your home is to prevent break-ins, not just to catch the perpetrator if one does occur. By installing motion sensor floodlights next to all major entrances of homes, you can deter criminals from attempting to break-in because the light will make them highly visible to any onlookers. Motion sensor floodlights can also provide security for you if come home in the dark. Like with alarm systems, some insurance companies offer lowered premiums to homeowners who have motions sensor floodlights installed on the outside of their homes.

 Electronic Pet Door

Generally speaking, pet doors aren’t the safest features to install if you are worried about home security. Just because they are relatively small does not mean that someone who is determined to get in your home won’t get in through them. Not only do you have to worry about raccoons and other stay animals entering your home, smaller individuals can squeeze through pet doors if they really want to. If you absolutely must have a pet door, it might be wise to invest in an electronic pet door. The benefit of having an electronic pet door over a regular pet door is that an electronic pet door will only open when activated by an ultrasonic pet collar making your pet the only one able to go freely in and out.

Dogs and deadbolts are all well and good, but modern technology has developed enough to bring modern technology to new heights. The gadgets listed above do not even scratch the surface of potentially life-saving devices currently flooding the market. Now it’s up to you to decide which if any you trust to keep you, your family, and your house a little safer.

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Naomi Broderick is a professional writer who’s secure in her abilities and even more confident in her parenting. When she’s not juggling her three children in the front yard she writes for ProtectYourHome.com.
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  • charles.....

    My my my, a short post here on home security NB,,,, window’s and patio door’s are used alot for entry as well. I have aluminum framed window’s, and hmoe improvement center’s have a neat little rod dealio that you drill into the frame a certain sized hole and then you place this pin into it, from the inside they slide in easy enough, or out, but from the outside the window cannot be raised or jiggled to drop the pin out, let’s hear more on home security yall !!!!!