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Daily YouTbe – Threat to Preppers: The Human Wave and The Entitled

[What would you do if a human wave of refugees--in the thousands or hundreds of thousands--evacuated to your city or through your neighborhood? Or, what if you were a part of that wave? In the first video, MainePrepper talks about the huge threat that a "human wave" of people would pose in any significant emergency situation. The second video talks about "the entitled" those people who willfully choose to take what you have because they failed to prepare themselves and their family. I can imagine there will be a lot of people like this in any long term emergency. FYI, MainePrepper also has a few other "Threat to Prepper" videos here.]

8 comments to Daily YouTbe – Threat to Preppers: The Human Wave and The Entitled

  • T.R.

    This guy is great . He is very typical of Maine people , low key , straight talking . Just got back from Maine on a vacation . It was hard to leave . The good thing about that state is that its similar to Alaska in the respect that it has VERY large wilderness areas , if you wonder the logging roads , they will take you way out where you want to go ……….many of those roads are only used once . Unlike Alaska , the wild game situation is not as plentiful , but they do have the cleanest natural water in the nation by a recent study .

  • Irish-7

    I think about these subjects every single day. I concur with MAINEPREPPER’s assessments on the “Entitled”. I believe we may have shared some similar experiences in that I was a career military man as well. I fear that the “Entitled” far outnumber the “Preppers”. WROL will be a very dangerous and violent scenario. I worry about the government’s reaction to the prepared community’s defense of their homes and families. The occupant of the White House is of the “spread the wealth around” mentality. I don’t see that mindset as supportive of prepared community.

    • I’ve never served in the military or even been abroad, but I can only imagine that a vast majority of our country will be akin to the scenes we see of desperate people in third world countries… the only difference is that Americans feel entitled… oh, and we’re well armed too. ;)

  • Jen

    He really brings the point home that those who don’t have or choose not to prepare are going to be the biggest problem we’ll face. I’m sure not looking forward to the future these days.

    • T.R.

      Yep , no matter where you are , its going to be tough ……good luck to everybody and I hope you all make it through without tragedy .