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Daily YouTube – 10 Reasons for a 22LR Firearm

[Sootch00 talks about the great uses for a 22LR firearm. The first 4:30 of the video is Sootch talking about different types of .22 firearms, the rest of the video discusses his reasons for owing a .22 firearm. Obviously, he believes you should!]

5 comments to Daily YouTube – 10 Reasons for a 22LR Firearm

  • T.R.

    Its clearly a matter of choice , there are just as many valid points why not to own one as there are valid points to own one , probably runs 50/50 . I prefer a good quality pump action pellet gun over them . They are fairly quiet (22s) , but a pellet gun is even more so ,and does about the same amount of damage as a 22l , and if you use BBs in it , you can keep shooting the same ammunition over and over . If somebody gave me a ruger 1022 , I wouldn’t turn it down but its one of those things that if I didnt have one on hand , I most likely wouldn’t go out and buy one , from a preppers point of view .

    • I think I would much rather get shot by a pellet gun than a 22. Of course, I’ve never been shot by one so maybe I don’t know. I’ll have to look at the specs and compare.

      • T.R.

        LOL , Getting shot by anything wouldn’t be a good time ……..what creeps me out more than the idea of getting shot by a 22 is the idea of getting hit by a wrist rocket and ball bearing . Why ? I dont know , but it just does .

  • Smoothe1

    It’s hard to go wrong with a .22 especially with respect to a SHTF scenario. So many uses and with .22 ammo being the least expensive, I intend to stock up.