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Daily YouTube – 10 Year Old’s Bug Out Bag (It Might Be Better Than Mine!)

[It's a nice bag for sure and well organized too, but probably not better than mine... at least not yet. The young man does happen to include a few items that I don't stock. The best part is it seems he understands how to use what he has packed as well. If only I could get my kids to be this interested in survival and preparedness! I can see I have a lot of work ahead of me. :)]

4 comments to Daily YouTube – 10 Year Old’s Bug Out Bag (It Might Be Better Than Mine!)

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  • rge

    Good list of items. I would recommend that all the loose items be stored in heavy waterproof bags. Using the little holders in the individual compartments will lead to lost items especially when opened at night. I find that cheap, old fashioned men’s toilet bags work the best and help to organize your items by category ie; cooking, fire, light etc. Great job.

  • Martin

    That bag is definitely better than mine!