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Daily YouTube – $3 WROL Coffee Maker (uses no electricity)

[Although I don't drink coffee, I undermany people do. This Ready Set Joe Coffee Maker may be the answer as it uses no electricity. The video stated he purchased it at Walmart but it can be found on Amazon for about $4.]

9 comments to Daily YouTube – $3 WROL Coffee Maker (uses no electricity)

  • T.R.

    You could probably use a french press with even cold water if you had one .

  • Gadabout

    I’ve been using this Mellita coffee maker for years on and off. I got a reusable gold filter so don’t need to keep buying paper. It’s been my experience that you need to use finely ground coffee for this method.

  • Jean

    I have been using a french press for years. It’s a simple easy way to make the best coffee you have ever had! Add fresh ground coffee and hot water let stand for a couple of minutes then press the screen down which pushes grounds to the bottom and voila the best tasting coffee.

    • T.R.

      The first time I tried the french press , I drank 3 cups and was so hyper , I wanted to run around hammering nails the rest of the day ;)

  • Suni

    TR I agree with you cowboy coffee is the best. You can usually tell someone who really loves coffee by the way the make it. When I first married we used the boiling method to make coffee because there was no such thing as a Mr. Coffee. I like so many others now use a Mr. Coffee out of convenience. Not to long ago our coffee pot went out and until I could make a trip to town we boiled coffee in our old pot that has to be at least 50 years old. Sure tasted good to me……

  • T.R.

    or cowboy coffee , just toss the coffee grounds into a pot and boil it , then a dab of cold water to selle the grounds . ……but this works best outside .

  • AniOre

    I’ve had one of these for camping for years ~ still use it and still have friends go ‘oh wow, I need to get one of those’ ` beats ‘cowboy coffee’ w all the mess at the bottom of the cup or lugging around the percolator types. I just set up filters w measured coffee and boil some water … you put the filter in the device, place on top of cup, pour the hot water in til fills up your cup. Next cup repeat … :)

    • As I don’t drink coffee I never thought about this idea as a good camping or bug out bag item. Inexpensive and lightweight… can’t beat that!

  • My parents before me and now I have been using a version of these for many many years (50?). Super low tech, but great results. Just have to remember to keep a good supply of the filters also, or get a reusable one or three. The paper filters would be handy to have for many things in an emergency situation anyway, though.