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Daily YouTube – 9mm vs 45 vs Rifle, A Doctor’s View on Gunshot Wounds

[Warning: This video contains some VERY graphic images of gunshot wounds at times. Please be aware of this fact when watching it yourself and especially with children present. It is also long but quite informative. Originally, I was hesitant to post this video because of the fact that there are some gruesome images; if that bothers you, then you could just listen to it. Anyway, it was very interesting to hear this doctor discuss gunshot wounds from a medical perspective. It was eye-opening for me. On the one hand it was interesting to see how little effect bullets seemed to have on people in some circumstances. On the other hand, I was amazing to see the devastating effects that they can have as well. The doctor also discusses the reasons why most people die from gunshot wounds as well as many of interesting facts. If you can stomach it, you may learn a few things.]

5 comments to Daily YouTube – 9mm vs 45 vs Rifle, A Doctor’s View on Gunshot Wounds

  • Interesting.

    American Rifleman, one of the NRA’s publications, had a nice comparison on various loads and ammunition manufacturers in this month’s edition.

    My caliber of choice, the .40, ranked pretty well.

    Thanks for the link.


    • I see lots of people talk about the devastating effects of one round versus another and fmj vs hollow points but there’s nothing like seeing the trauma in a picture or video to bring the point home.

  • Ted

    not that getting shot isnt bad enough , but ammo makes a huge difference in damage . FMJ or ball will do much less damage than say a specialized hollow point made for home defense . Now they are making what they call grenade rounds , they are much worse than hollow points . Hollow points expand rapidly , these things are made to go into the body about 2 inches , then violently fragment .

    • I think this video makes ammo choice readily apparent. Some of the images were gruesome and they were from hollow points. I can’t imagine what a grenade round will do. Horrific.

  • Jen

    I will have to watch this later… got the kiddos busy all morning! Not sure if I want to watch it but will certainly listen.