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Daily YouTube – 9mm vs 45acp The Conversation Ends Here

[TheHossUSMC talks about the differences between a 9mm round and a 45acp round. Watch the end of the video for his "solution" to the question.]

8 comments to Daily YouTube – 9mm vs 45acp The Conversation Ends Here

  • T.R.

    Like he said at the end ……..the debate is moronic . I get hit in the brainpan by either ……I die , that simple . Another thing he didnt mention that is very relevant to shooting is controlling your weapon . The 45 kicks like a donkey vs. the 9mm has much better controle in a panic situation because it doesn’t have the same kick . My advise : just be armed , 9mm or 45 , it doesnt matter , BOTH are better than a kitchen knife against those that would do you harm .

    • “Just be armed”… the best advice I’ve heard all week.

      • T.R.

        One curious thing he said was about bullet drop at long ranges in the 45 . Why would anybody shoot at a 100 yard target with a handgun !? If your that far away from a target …….your plenty far enough away to get away from it without engaging , its quite possible at that range, that your target is unaware of your presence . Im not a cop or other but to me the only thing a handgun is good for is ” in your face” situations . For everything else you should be using your carbine . just sayin .

  • Bev

    Irish,I appreciate your perspective. I thought it was a very good video. I was just at a gunshow and bought a S-W 9mm for less than $350 new, in the box. I did not know the boxes had value too! I had been looking at a Glock 17, but this S-W was so much lighter! I’m signed up for a concealed carry class, so for an old woman that might use it, I think the Smith and Wesson 9mm is ideal in weight and price. :)

  • Irish-7

    I have never been a supporter of 9mm over .45 ACP. Personally, I think that the M1911 series .45 automatic pistols are the most reliable, combat effective handguns of all time. Sure, the 9mm offers more rounds. But, you may have to shoot someone twice as many times, as the .45 ACP is double the size (average 9mm being 115 grains, average .45 auto is 230 grains). Many years ago, I watched an interview with a police officer or sheriff’s deputy that was shot while apprehending a criminal. He admitted that he shot the perp first with his issued 9mm pistol. The bad guy shot him back. After recovering, he refused to go to work without one of three handguns: M1911 .45 automatic, .357 or .44 Magnum revolvers. I concur with his assessment. Now, if you cannot handle the recoil of a large caliber handgun, then 9mm (or even .380) is the best choice. The most valuable gun in any fight, is the one you have with you!

  • Smoothe1

    I’m pretty sure the conversation will NEVER end!

    • T.R.

      yeah , thats like the 223 vs, 762x 39 , debate . I have the 762 x 39 . Im happy with it , is the other better ? I dont know and dont care .