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Daily YouTube – A Comparison of Pocket Guns

[James Yeager discusses his viewpoints of "pocket rockets" or small-frame pocket guns as a backup firearm.]

5 comments to Daily YouTube – A Comparison of Pocket Guns

  • T.R.

    Off topic but to funny not to share , I read an amusing article about a prepper digging ” decoy ” caches . The guy put together several decoy guns made out of wood and scrap metal , then buried them in tubes to keep ground penetrating radar and metal detector operators busy wasting their time digging up the bogus firearms . His real stash was nowhere near the area of the decoys .I think I’ll do that if the gun commies try to do any confiscations .

    • That is a good idea but sounds like a lot of work for a bit of fun.

      • T.R.

        LOL , I hear ya , this guy did it because he was absolutely convinced that the government will be going door to door and searching your property soon to confiscate your weapons .

  • Ed

    Wish he would have compared more small handguns. BTW, this guy is a bit much at times and quite opinionated.

    • T.R.

      opinionated is a sign of free thought ……..doesn’t mean their right , just means they have not been PC indoctrinated ;)