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Daily YouTube – A Tour of 4 Outhouses

[Paul Wheaton takes us on a tour of 4 outhouses that I thought was interesting to see. He doesn't go into a lot of details about how they're constructed but it does open the eyes to what is possible should we every need to rely on the concept again. Some of these people are even making compost from the waste deposits! You might, therefore, find the humanure headquarters site useful.]

6 comments to Daily YouTube – A Tour of 4 Outhouses

  • Bev

    T.R. I LOVE that! A big mailbox with a crescent moon on the door (oh yes, I know what the Muslim symbol is) and Foreign Aid Donation Center on the side. If I had the extra money I think I would put one in my front yard! LOL

    • T.R.

      If you really wanted to be a rebel , remember the saddam Hussein face toilet bowl stickers they were selling during the first gulf war ? You could do the same thing with a Quran sticker ;)

  • T.R.

    well if you gotta use one ……they might as well be nice ;)

  • Bev

    I LOVED this post! It brought back so many memories–the kids named our first MN outhouse the “star potty” because it had a salvaged door with a window in it.

    • T.R.

      If I had one , I would make it look like a giant mailbox with ” Foreign aid donation center ” stenciled on the side .

  • Smoothe1

    Some people really go to great lengths to deal with their waste. I can imagine that this will become very necessary in a lengthy collapse. It would have been nice if he shared a bit more of the details on how they were built but I generally got the idea.