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Daily YouTube – Alternative Power Sources in a SHTF Situation

US Freedom shows the alternative power options he stocks for his home. He talks about solar panels, windmills, a generator, rechargeable batteries, inverters, and more. The only part I disagree about is his belief in NOT including any sort of battery bank in the mix; I would find it tough to properly charge batteries or run small DC equipment (such as a laptop) without a constant, consistent source of power that the battery bank would provide… especially when generating power from a solar panel or windmill. I’m also not a huge fan of seeing everything still in the original packaging; you’ve got to take it out and use it!

[Note: This video was not made by the editor for RTS.]

4 comments to Daily YouTube – Alternative Power Sources in a SHTF Situation

  • T.R.

    I know I have mentioned this before , but when you buy solar things , make sure they are rated for outdoor use if you plan on using it outdoors . Some of todays solar cells are quite sensitive as well as efficient and many are designed for indoor use only with filtered sunlight . I have a small solar battery charger that is very compact , so I keep it in my backpacking gear …. the manufacturer tells you that it can be used outside as long as its NOT in direct sun . I set it down someplace with partial shade and its fine .

  • Hammer

    I like the wide range of products, it just doesn’t look like he’s taken much out of the box!