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Daily YouTube – Are Heirloom Seeds a Waste of Time?

[I've been wondering about this very question lately. The Lord Humungus talks about heirloom seeds and gives his point of view about why store-bought hybrid seeds may be a better investment than the highly-touted heirloom seeds that many preppers talk about. The biggest take-away from this video is that hybrid seeds may be the best bet for short term scenarios and that you should really only consider heirloom seeds once you're honestly squared away in every other aspect of your preps for at least a year or two.]

6 comments to Daily YouTube – Are Heirloom Seeds a Waste of Time?

  • Osteen3

    I’ve been telling my daughter that we have to practice and get it right with hybrids before we begin using our heirloom seeds. We’re beginners at the backyard garden, and we haven’t gotten the soil and pH right yet.
    Buy your hybrids for practice. Don’t plant expensive heirloom seeds until you’ve got the gardening right.

  • Phil

    I agree, people need to store a certain amount of hybrid seeds because unless you are already gardening and have your skill and soil optimized you are going to starve. The hybrids are more hardy and made for larger yeilds. My heirloom green beans are nice and tasty, but my hybrids give me a larger yield per square foot.

  • Ed

    Interesting take on heirloom seeds. Sometimes it’s good to see an alternate point of view since everyone is so “for” heirlooms these days.

    • I’ve really been wondering the same thing myself. Heirlooms are nice but if REALLY need to grow your food that year then maybe they’re not the best option.