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Daily YouTube – Bartering: Beyond Gold and Silver

There are two videos today. In the first, North Carolina Prepper discusses bartering something other than precious metals, in paticular, vices such as cigarettes. In the second video, James Yeager expands on barter items beyond vices and gives plenty of ideas for you to consider.

In should state that I’m generally not a huge fan of stockpiling supplies for bartering for two reasons: (1) you effort and money should be focused on purchasing more and more of what you and your family need to survive and (2) it puts a giant target on your back as being someone who has what others want. Granted, there are ways to barter anonymously and I understand that it’s difficult to gather everything you might need, so there could be a place for barter in long term emergencies. Regardless, it’s way down on my list of “must haves.” Consider your preps and barter options carefully.

[Note: These videos were not made by the editor of RTS.]

2 comments to Daily YouTube – Bartering: Beyond Gold and Silver

  • T.R.

    I hear ya , but if you believe in a total collaps , then even dollar store , whatever will be an in demand item when money has no value . Russian cigarettes are dirt cheap , and smokers jonesing for a cigarette wont care where they come from . Some preppers who live in rural areas are planting small amounts of tobacco for this reason . A still would be good as well under the right conditions ………when people are hurting , they will still want to hold on to their vices if they can .

  • granny14

    I have a limited budget for my daily life, and am stocking the necessities for me and mine. I really don’t see stocking non-necessities for barter as very smart. And I don’t want a target on my back.
    Keep up the good work!