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Daily YouTube – Best Battle Rifles

James Yeager gives his opinion on the best battle rifles and briefly discusses his least favorite as well.

[Note: This video was not made by the editor of RTS.]

2 comments to Daily YouTube – Best Battle Rifles

  • T.R.

    Price is a factor for most of us . sense everything you can get is going to be a semi automatic unless you have a class 3 . Then price is a major factor . I wouldnt turn down an AR if somebody gave it to me , but until then , my Ruger Mini 30 will have to do . If I buy another firearm , its going to be a romanian version of the Dragunov SVD in 7.62×54 or Saiga semi in 308 . But not high on priorities ………I need to make sure we can eat everyday .

  • RangerRick

    Brother, as usual great video. You either have a twin or we live in the same neck of the woods. Bonus for me.
    Be Prepared – Be Prayerful – Be Thankful – You are an American,

    North Idaho