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Daily YouTube – Body Armor for Economic Collapse, Do You Need It?

[The Lord Humungus talks about whether you need body armor or not for an economic collapse. I'm beginning to think that you really do need something if you're preparing for a full-on collapse. Of course, the good stuff is expensive (as are weapons) so it's a tough call. What do you think... useful or not?]

9 comments to Daily YouTube – Body Armor for Economic Collapse, Do You Need It?

  • T.R.

    the way I was taught , was that the improved version has two rings in the center stacked on top of each other like checkers , those are the bigger rings , the six that are attached are smaller diameter than the center two , this makes it VERY dense and very effective . Japanese patterns are much more effective than European patterns because as a rule , Japan is a metal poor country and they had find ways to make the most of what was available , unlike europe that had it to burn .
    this is more like what I learned

  • T.R.

    You can get a full German Army body armor vest on ebay for not too much , make sure your settings are set for worldwide , Flecktarn !

    Be aware tho , some calibers on the market will penetrate even the best body armor . Its probably not a bad idea to have it even with that being the case . Armor plates are also not created equal , they have a rating system as to how much protection they provide . Do your homework before you buy .

  • txm1836

    You obviously learned some very valuable lessons in the military. Too bad being able to communicate without using foul language wasn’t one of them!

  • GoneWithTheWind

    I guess it depends on your plans/intentions. Can you win in a gunfight? Especially a gun fight post SHTF. If 21st century medical help is less then an hour away you may well survive a injury from a bullet. But if there is no competent medical help available even a minor wound could kill you. Run away and live to fight another day. The odds are that when you need it your body armor will be in a foot locker and not on you.

  • Daryl Keech

    for those on a zero dollar budget you might try what those ultimate survivalists do. I’m speaking about state prisoners. The object is to layer as much newspaper around the torso as possible without being visible to the guards. Passive defense against a shiv in the back.

    • I’ve looked for homemade body armor plans and found something that may be interesting but after watching some YouTube videos about it I decided it was too good to be true. But, like you say it may be good for knives and such.

    • T.R.

      Learn to make Japanese 6 on 2 chain mail …….all it takes is patience , common hand tools and wire . If done correctly , the stuff is blade proof , but with all chainmail , you do take the full impact of the attack , it only protects from slashes and stabs . It also can be worn under a jacket or shirt .