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Daily YouTube BONUS – Gasoline Storage for Emergencies

The Lord Humungus talks about gasoline storage for emergencies. The content in this video should be very familiar to most of us as it is simply a good reminder about storing gasoline for emergency situations. That said, the images of people standing in line with 2 or 5 gallon gas cans in hand for blocks immediately after Hurricane Sandy should be reason enough to understand how useful this simple strategy is…. but it only works if you do it! One last point I want to emphasize is that he recommends storing up to 10 five gallon gas cans (the more the merrier, in my opinion) but I would encourage you to check with your local authorities before doing so as it may very well be against the law to store “too much” gasoline.

[Note: This video was not made by the editor of RTS.]

3 comments to Daily YouTube BONUS – Gasoline Storage for Emergencies

  • Badger359

    I have three set aside for emergencies, they come in handy one someone runs out of gas in your family. My daughter called me last week to say she ran out of gas on her way home about 14 miles out, she gave me her location and I rushed out to her like the Calvary and got her on the road. By the way you may need more if you need to store gas for a generator. Run your calculation to determine how much you need to store to run it for a month.

    • I like to have enough gas on hand to complete fill one vehicle if need be. That way, I can assume I will always have a full tank of gas assuming I have time and ability to grab them.

  • Bev

    Great video. Hadn’t thought about the long necked funnel. THANK YOU!