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Daily YouTube BONUS – Recent Smash and Grab Experience

[Mike from Survive2Day talks about his recent and unfortunate experience with a smash and grab at a local high school football game. This is something that ladies, in particular, should pay attention to as she thought she was being careful with her purse... it seems the crooks knew better.]

2 comments to Daily YouTube BONUS – Recent Smash and Grab Experience

  • Donna Johnston

    Sorry about your trouble. I am, however, amazed how many women still stash their purses under a seat in the car. Criminals are not smarter, good people are just complacent. If your are from an affluent area, and drive a minivan you are already a steriotype. Most likely you have the habits of the steriotype. Hense, the purse under the seat. There are a number of in car safes out there. You can afford the protection of locking up your valuables. When you park, look around you before getting out of your car to avoid attack and see who’s watching your actions. You’re lucky the GPS was still on the dash. They’re pretty hot here. We tell people not to leave them OR THE ATTACHMENT in view. Lock them in the glove box or car safe.

  • Ed

    Sorry to hear that happened. It’s quite true that the crooks are getting smarter and craftier. You’ve got to be ever vigilant if you want to avoid becoming a statistic.