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Daily YouTube BONUS – The Best Budget Survival Knife

When Sootch00 speaks about a product, I tend to pay attention. In this video he discusses why the AK47 Bayonet is, in his opinion, the best budget survival knife. Here’s a link to the knife on Amazon; price is inexpensive even with shipping.

[Note: This video was not made by the editor of RTS.]

1 comment to Daily YouTube BONUS – The Best Budget Survival Knife

  • T.R.

    Another one is the Cold Steel G.I. Tanto , I have one and the darn thing is almost indestructible . Its as basic as you can get and cheap , but dont let that fool you , I have tortured this thing for over two years now at work and not so much as a nick in the blade . We are talking serious abuse , I treat it as a sharp crow bar , hatchet , etc . because its cheap , I dont worry about it as I can replace it easily ……..I haven’t had to .