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Daily YouTube – Boot Care and Boot Discussion

[Dave Canterbury talks about boots he likes (with several example), why many boots are manufactured in China, and how to care for them. Remember, in a SHTF situation boots will be invaluable.]

5 comments to Daily YouTube – Boot Care and Boot Discussion

  • Hi Dave,

    Would you be interested in reviewing a new product for boot care? It’s called SKUFF – a tough, flexible clear coat for shoes/boots/leather that repels water/dirt/stains, protects from wear & tear, and lasts for years off one application.

    I’ve got a survivalist friend who swears that I should be trying to find people like yourself to try it out…What do you think? I could get you a sample…

  • T.R.

    I just ran across some high tech socks , they are called seal skinz , they claim to be 100% waterproof and yet still allow your feet to breath via special DuPont fibers .They are pricy but if they indeed do everything they claim , a pair will definitely be in my BOB .

  • GoneWithTheWind

    I now have three pair of good leather boots suitable for hiking, work or everyday. Each pair is broken in and I could walk 10 miles on them (and have) or wear them all day with no blisters or hot spots. My oldest pair is now 4 years old and still looks great, the other two are a few months old. I also have two pair winter boots that are broke in and suitable for subzero wear.

  • Hammer

    Good discussion on boots. If there’s anything you need to care for it’s your feet!