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Daily YouTube – Bug Out Food Fail in Car Kit

[Mike from Survive2Day talks about the summer heat compromising his food, medicines, and candles that he keeps in his car emergency kit. The candles he shows are a good reminder of how extremely hot the insides of your car can get; I know I've had that happen to me in the past and mentioned it in my Dumb Things I've Done While Prepping post. He also points out that just after the summer heat ends is a good time to rotate out your food, water, and meds.... so mark it on your calendar today!]

7 comments to Daily YouTube – Bug Out Food Fail in Car Kit

  • Irish-7

    I keep a case of MREs in my SUV at all times. I really did not consider that the food would go bad. I guess I need to rotate it soon. I hope I can find the receipt from when I purchased these individual meals, side dishes and desserts. It is funny, but I stored some ammo in my truck this summer to prove that it was safe. I think that I already knew it would be alright. I should have thought of the food at the same time. Thanks for the reminder.

    • It’s easy to forget about things like this. I know I have some food in my car that needs rotated out… not sure if I would really want to eat it now given the sweltering heat it’s been exposed to all summer. :)

  • RGR

    Never , Never leave your bug out food in the car period. The BOB on use is loaded in my car every time I travel more than 2 days walking distance from my home which for real tactical purposes is on a distance of 30-40 miles. Their is at time too much confusion on the BOB and a get home bag. Remember a few power bars will get you home, where water is more important than food in a 24 to 48 hour period. If you travel and take a BOB which you should just remember to take it out of the car while your at your destination which is most likley an over night business trip or vacation. Pact your BOB light most carry to buck unnessary items in them. God Bless and Keep your powder dry.

    • That’s probably a good idea not to leave food in car kits. I still keep a few basic foods in my vehicle kits just because that’s what I’ve always done. This is a situation where I would seriously need to change how we operate… keeping bags that go in and out of the cars on a daily basis. Definitely something to consider. Thank you.

  • Hammer

    It’s amazing how hot the car can get. It is really critical to pay attention to food and medications that are left in the car as they do not last long.