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Daily YouTube – Bugging Out the Right Way

Bushcraft412 is starting a new video series on bugging out. The videos below are the first two in his series and covers shelter and sleep systems. I like his train of thought and suggest you listen up.

[Note: This video was not made by the editor of RTS.]

11 comments to Daily YouTube – Bugging Out the Right Way

  • rick

    recommended websites for the USGI poncho and liner

  • Bob'syeruncle

    After watching your video, I got out the HQ Bivvy tent that was bought from http://www.sportsman‘sguide.com earlier this year,(about 35 bucks), & I set it up on the livingroom floor. Very lightweight, but could sleep two people in a pinch.
    Have been using a French war surplus tent, (another 35 bucks- also from sportsman’s guide) for most of this summer. About twice the weight and bulk, but way better heat retention for a winter bailout.
    I agree 100% with your priorities on shelter & warm sleeping kit.

    • T.R.

      Look at it this way , sleep is extremely important to your health ….its even more important to your mental health and decision making . I cant speak for others , as everybody will be different , but If I get bad sleep for more than 3 days , it affects me greatly . If you have to bug out , being able to get good sleep will make you less miserable and perhaps help keep you safer .

  • T.R.

    I would also like to add that when making a BOB …….one mistake that can be avoided is to not look at it as a strictly temporary piece of equipment ………but rather take a very serious and sobering look at it and see it as ” this is my life , my entire life for the next 3 weeks …..or longer ” then , and only then , will you really see that a cheap nylon 3 millimeter thick “bivy ” sack , 8 ziplock bags , a 12 oz water bottle , a piece of string and mag bar isn’t going to cut it ! If you do pack like that , you might as well say ” shoot me now and get it over with ” . Pack REAL food , that hershey bar , twiks and gum drops in a baggie wont feed your cat , much less a full grown adult under stress and exerting themselves ……..time to get real with yourself , for yourself .

    • I hear what you’re saying but you also need to remember that we can’t afford the best gear either; sometimes we have to do the best we can with what we have. In my case, I choose to put more money, time, and effort into sheltering in place. Everyone has to do what they can and with what they’re comfortable with too. I think it also matters what experience you have in the outdoors, military, hunting, etc. And, if your intention is to bug out to (or through) a wilderness location for an extended period of time then quality gear REALLY matters! But for those of us that need just enough to get us to a better spot where additional help is anticipated then maybe we can get away with civilian gear?

      • T.R.

        Your right , but surplus gear is cheaper than civie gear generally speaking but yeah if you anticipate only staying out for a day or two , then going to a safer place you have planned out , like a friend or relative , that works ….but …..what if that safe place is not safe when you get there or the friend or relative has had to leave unexpectedly for much the same reasons you did ……or you find out that you cant get there as planned ….your back to square one , with gear that is bare minimum ? it doesn’t have to cost a lot for good equipment ,( ebay , yard sales , flea markets , etc .) the main thing is not to short yourself and be forced to live like a hobo for weeks on end , and having the extra stress ( and guilt ) of those with you to have to live like that also . Just sayin . Its beter to load heavy and lighten up as you need to later than to start out with next to nothing to begin with . It took me 2 years to assemble my BOB to what I feel would get me around for an extended period of time ……if you have get out , your going to be miserable enough .But with the economy and stress levels the way they are right now , its actually a good time to buy things , as a lot of people are getting rid of things because they need the money . Also , with the soldiers coming back , some are getting rid of their old gear for a reasonable price . I apologize for the posts , but when I see a guy make a video like that and calling it correct , I feel duty bound to at least put forth a different idea …….there are some people that spend next to nothing on their BOB like this guy , but fork over $ 1500 + on an AR15 at the same time . Different priorities I guess .

        • No need to apologize, that’s why I like comments… differing opinions so long as they’re respectful, of course. I can say I’ve never been one to search out military surplus gear. It makes perfect sense that if you can get military gear for less than civilian gear then… duh… do it! The problem for us normal civilians is that we often don’t know where to look, what’s good to buy, and so on. Maybe, point us in the right direction? Sounds like a good post idea, T.R. ;)

          • T.R.

            The posts are coming ;)
            the main thing about military equipment is survivability , the military has a lot of experience in this area , and soldiers have always been rather hard on their equipment , and very vocal about the things that dont work very well . If you had to get off the trail and cut across country for any reason , would you worry about the brush and snags tearing up your pack ? or would you have general confidence that those kind of things wouldn’t be a big deal ? those kind of things help determine options and how agressive you can approach things .

          • Yeah, I guess if there’s anybody to trust about ruggedness and usefulness of gear, it’s the military!

  • T.R.

    Well he has the bare bones basics like he should …..But think about this ….if you are forced out of your home ……..its not just a bad situation , its a VERY BAD situation . With that said , it is highly unlikely that 3 days away from that is going to change the situation you left . 3 days is not a long time for anything to straighten out , you will probably find that the situation has not changed if you try to go back in only three days . If you are forced out of your home and away from your provision in that home , then a more realistic duration for you to consider before you try to come back is more like 3 weeks , rather than 3 days . Just sayin.
    So with that in mind as more of a reality …….why pack a BOB like a refugee , with only light weight , relatively flimsy gear to trust in ? it doesn’t make sense . Yes I have been out in the sticks with minimal gear for 3 days , but if you dont have to …..why do it !? considering that is all you have and you may never go home again ……it doesn’t make sense to do that to yourself . This is where getting into good physical condition shows its importance . I’m 49 years old , BUT I’m in very good shape , my BOB weighs 70 lbs ……yes 70 lbs , its not a lot of fun , but Im not struggling either . I do have a tent AND a tarp . I use military gear where ever possible because it can handle adverse conditions , where as the civie gear will go to crap real quick . Excluding hunting packs , the stuff you buy is designed for recreational outdoors and light duty for folks that spend the time in a campground and dont go off the trail , military gear is designed and expected to be used in deplorable conditions . A gut I know lived out of the same pack I have for his whole tour in Iraq . Sorry about the long post here folks , but seriously , use you head here , bug out is your LAST resort in most cases , and packing one like a 14 year old kid going to visit his cousin in the country is not going to serve you very well . Just sayin .