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Daily YouTube – Bugging Out Will Get You Killed

Bushcraft412 talks about the idea that bugging out is a bad idea in most cases, which I generally agree with. In this video he discusses why bugging out to the wilderness, in particular, should not be your first plan. Remember, it’s not about replicating Man vs. Wild or Survivorman. Rather, it’s about making those critical decisions that further your chances of surviving whatever the emergency is!

[Note: This video was not made by the editor of RTS.]

8 comments to Daily YouTube – Bugging Out Will Get You Killed

  • Jeff

    Good information, I am not a fan of bugging out either. You could use better language. It doesn’t take a genuiss to talk correctly. Might listen to one more of you videos but no more profanity please. Sometimes my daughter is listening in and I don’t subject her to the language in our house. Good info clean up the verbage. Have a great day.

  • T.R.

    I have to agree with that , bugging in or hunkering down in a stationary familiar place ( your home ) as long as you can is preferable . If you think you may have to leave , I would make an INCH bag . To a lot of folks thats frivolous , but if you leave your home …….everything you leave behind is open season for whoever wants it . Bad times dont last forever , and keeping sentimental family things to pass down are worth the extra weight and room to me .

  • Irish-7

    He does address legitimate concerns, but I think he is largely off base. None of the survival sites that I frequent advocate or even remotely suggest bugging out to the woods unless there is no other option. Every blog that I read lists items required for long term survival IF the TEOTWAWKI situation occurs. Now, some of the people on television are paranoid and looking for attention by showing the world about their plans and stocks. Perhaps these individuals are the motivation for this video. Again, of the research that I’ve done, I don’t recall ANYONE recommending that we take to the woods if there is an option to drive further away from the disaster area and stay indoors. I read Maine Prepper, Southern Prepper, HossUSMC, ModernSurvivalOnline, Emergency Essentials Forum and Damian Campbell to name a few.

  • Suni

    I don’t think any I have heard of suggest this be a long term solution. To bug out usually means only temporary like 72 hrs. I know what this video is saying but to totally discount it isn’t good either. To say that get in your car and drive to a better place might not be an option. Each person will need to decide for themselves what it going to best for them. And yes I have known people who could make it on their own in the wilderness although few and far between there are some who can do it.

    • The video is mostly about bugging out to the wilderness not being a good idea, which I certainly agree with. IMO, I feel like too many people think bugging out is their first/best option which, in some cases, such as a hurricane it probably is the best option. That said, in most scenarios that I can comprehend I still believe that staying put is a better plan for a number of reasons. Of course, it’s up to each of us to decide what our best plan is… whatever it is that increases our odds of survival.

  • Dustin

    He makes good points, but I hate using YouTube to run an audio-only podcast