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Daily YouTube – Disaster Guns

Yeager has another pertinent video, this time on disaster guns and what he recommends you should have.

[Note: This video was not made by the editor of RTS.]

3 comments to Daily YouTube – Disaster Guns

  • T.R.

    The only train of thought I question , and it pops up frequently ….is putting a lot of money toward a bolt action rifle . The reason I question it is that the way a lot of folks present the information is that they assume that you are going to be the agressor ……..a bolt action rifle is a long range weapon , as such …….your target is going to theoretically be a long ways away from you . If that is the case , perhaps you should question if its a necessity to even fire the weapon ? Are you in danger ? are they even aware of you at that range ? hunting is hunting but for ” defense ” ? I dont plan on shooting anybody if I dont have to ……..the fact that its a long range weapon contradicts that idea .just sayin

    • Yup. It is a dilemma for sure. I guess if I had the money then I would rather have the option of long range engagement but I don’t currently have the problem of too much money. ;)

      • T.R.

        Yeah , If I decided to get one , it wouldn’t be a standard bolt action for long range , it would be more along the lines of a Dragunov SVD …….if your going to do it for that purpose , do it right .