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Daily YouTube – Easy One Gallon Mead Recipe

Here’s a recipe for mead that may be of interest. The full recipe and procedure is posted here but the following video shows the steps too. In most cases it should be legal to make mead for personal consumption but it’s my understanding that might not be true everywhere so be sure to check your local and state laws. Enjoy!

[Note: This video was not made by the editor of RTS.]

5 comments to Daily YouTube – Easy One Gallon Mead Recipe

  • Another “quick and dirty” method that homebrew snobs will turn their noses up at, but I can attest works and makes a nice-tasting mead involves using a balloon with a pinhole in it for a release. See: .

  • T.R.

    Mead is good , it takes a bit of getting used to . There was a meadery in Homer Alaska when I was there , they had about 30 different flavors , good stuff , still have an unopened bottle of the vanilla bean mead .

    • Only major problem is that it takes so long to make… I probably wouldn’t wait long enough for it to taste good. :)

      • T.R.

        LOL , if your in a hurry , I have a recipe for home made khalua , its basically triple brewed strong coffee , a gallon of vodka , and vanilla beans . Just cut a bean in half , then put it in the bottle and let it sit for about a week . its simple to make and hits ya hard .

        • T.R.

          Oh ! , I forgot the sugar , boil the coffe and sugar to taste , let cool then add the vodka and put the vanilla bean in each bottle …….I find its better with less sugar .