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Daily YouTube – Emergency SHTF Bug Out Medical First Aid Kits

Emergency SHTF Bug Out Medical First Aid Kits

[I've been ignoring this video from CitySurvivalist for a while because it is over 30 minutes long. Anyway, I finally decided to sit down to watch it and decided it was worthy of sharing. In it he discusses a variety of bags and supplies, some of which I had never considered before. Of course, a lot of the equipment discussed really needs a medical background to use. Even if you don't have the medical background, somebody in your group might. Or, perhaps you'll run into someone who can use this equipment as well. I know I keep some equipment around that I honestly can't use just for that reason. Also, you can use the link at the bottom of the video to purchase some of the bags he's talking about from Amazon if interested.]

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  • Having an emergency kit is the best thing you can do to keep your family safe. You’ll sleep well knowing that when a disaster or emergency situation arises you have planned and are prepared for it with your emergency preparedness survival kit.