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Daily YouTube – Fire Making 101

Zion Prepper discusses the basics of fire making and shows us how he starts a fire. I wish it were this easy for me! As with most anything in life, it’s all about preparation and patience.

[Note: This video was not made by the editor of RTS.]

5 comments to Daily YouTube – Fire Making 101

  • I don’t want you to think that I am pushing a product, but the simplicity of a FireSteel from makes things easy. I’m just surprised that people never mention this item. I stumbled onto the website and ordered one to see what is was like. One strike on greased cotton,steelwool,fatwood etc… you have a flame. The guy’s prices are good. I ordered this for my sisters and took a minute to teach them and they got the knack. I got matches, lighters and like such as a backup, but the FireSteel is so simple that it cuts down storing a great quantity of friestarting equiptment.
    Any thoughts out there?

    • I prefer a bic lighter as my first option but the firesteel is definintely a must have. I keep them in my bug out bags, vehicle kits, and I used to have one in my EDC kit when I hauled my leatherman wave around all day. While they do take a bit of practice they are certianly durable and reliable. Thanks for the thoughts.

  • Donna

    I’ve camped with others who make fun of me using a ferrous rod to start a simple wood fire while they are setting up their electric coffee pots and flat screen TVs. But when it all hits the fan I’ll be warm and reading a book while my coffee perks on the fire.

    • I’m sure they’ll be coming to you when their lighters and matches finally run out! As with anything, it’s best to know as many ways as possible to get something done.

  • Martin

    It’s amazing how something that seems so simple can be so darn difficult in practice! If I’ve learned anything it’s that preparation is key.