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Daily YouTube – Free Stuff Using Coupons for Prepping!

I really need to get into couponing! Even if it’s not stuff you would normally use, coupons will help you get your prepping stash built up. This video shows some of the supplies she was able to get for cheap or free. Many of the items came from the Dollar Tree store but everyone offers coupons.

[Note: This video was not made by the editor of RTS.]

2 comments to Daily YouTube – Free Stuff Using Coupons for Prepping!

  • Junipers

    I’ve been couponing for a long time and I’ve been shopping at the dollar store for other essentials for prepping: Clothes lines, safety pins, clothes pins, clothes lines, window and door alarms:clipon book & computer lights, toiletries,tin foil,cleaning products, hand sanitizers,candles, vasaline, lotions, shampoo,powders,hygiene products etc. The one thing to keep in mind, is that food items can be found at lower prices at the grocery store. Canned goods are always on sale. I buy one get one free and use a coupon in addition to store “loyalty cards”.One goes on the shelf and the other is put away for prepping. I also buy things I can use to barter with, like chocolate morsels, nuts, jerky,(sport’s manguide has great buys)One thing to keep in mind is the “per cent” ratio. When you shop at the dollar general or dollar tree, sometimes you need to stop and think about smaller packaging, etc. Lots of good information and I appreciated this video is great for those who toss out coupons, thinking that it’s not a product you wouldn’t otherwise buy. When you’re a prepper, nothing is off the table when it comes to bargins. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jen

    I’ve been couponing for a while now, not so much for prepping but it does help. You just have to continuously pay attention to the sales and look for deals on the online websites too!