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Daily YouTube – Hand Tools for Economic Collapse or SHTF

The Lord Humungus talks about the need for quality hand tools for economic collapse or SHTF. Given that we’re quite accustomed to our power tools, it may be quite a shock when we need to rely on hand tools only to find out we didn’t have what we needed! While I prefer to have a good assortment of my own tools, it couldn’t hurt to know who the neighborhood carpenter or auto mechanic is. ;)

[Note: This video was not made by the editor of RTS.]

4 comments to Daily YouTube – Hand Tools for Economic Collapse or SHTF

  • T.R.

    Gloves , gloves , and more gloves !! both good leather ones for heavy work and the light nylon and rubber ones for everything else . Protect your hardest working set of tools( your hands )from injury and infection . Think of it as preventative medicine ;)

  • Cheryl

    I haven’t seen a Yankee screwdriver in ages, and had forgotten all about them. I came across a couple old hand-crank drills the original ‘cordless’ drill) at an auction last week too. I better start paying a little better attention at the auctions!

  • Paul

    Hey: Two tools that I’d suggest for people to find: A Yankee screwdriver( industry standard before the advent of battery powered screw drivers).It would allow a craftsperson to either place or extract a screw w/o power. The other tool I’d suggest is a Brace. For drilling holes. Garage sales and/or specialty tool sales. Oh, and a decent set of drills for the Brace. If you want pictures of these, I can provide them. Paul