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Daily YouTube – Hostile Neighbors And The Right Attitude

[Demcad talks about dealing with hostile neighbors in general and how it applies in a SHTF scenario. Too often I see blog and forum posts where individuals say their first response is to attack and fight; I see this as a very dangerous course of action and Demcad discusses several reasons why it's a bad idea. The point of this video is to get you to think about how you will respond to hostile people because it's very likely that you will need to do so when times get tough.]

4 comments to Daily YouTube – Hostile Neighbors And The Right Attitude

  • teabag

    this video is a much-needed voice of reason on a subject that has a lot of hard questions in it. something that we’ll all have to deal with in one form or another.
    i would just add one thought of my own: no matter how well you know someone, be it a neighbor, relative or friend, remember that when people are traumatized or in shock or grieving, they can change. their behavior will change, and in some cases, their loyalties and even their moral values. the changes may be temporary or permanent, but they will happen in many people after tshtf and we must expect to deal with them until the situation and people’s emotional states have stabilized.
    that’s one aspect of prepping that i don’t read much about, but i think it’s important.

  • T.R.

    Gotta use common sense ……..you dont go into a skinhead bar wearing a yamica . Nothing wrong with what he said . If you look for a problem ……..your going to find it . Better to avoid as much as possible and at least have defender/ home field advantage if ya gotta , but dont hesitate if they are in your house ……they are not there for anything good .

  • Martin

    That kind of gung-ho attitude is not the way to go in life… it will get you hurt or killed. Best to lay low and fight if you have to.