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Daily YouTube – Indefinite Shelf Life Items

[EastTennesseePrepper talks about indefinite shelf life items. I've always assumed it was the same as an infinite shelf life but apparently not. According to ETP, indefinite refers to tests being done over a 30 year timespan and the conclusion is that the nutritional value after that timespan has not changed. Anyway, ETP lists quite a few items that can and should be stored. He also points out that his recommendations are on a 3000 calorie diet, which is an important consideration for the very specific reason that you're not trying to simply stay alive but to be able to function and likely be far more active than you are today. This is an important point to remember when calculating food storage needs!]

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  • Smoothe1

    I’m fairly certainly olive oil goes bad after only a year or two. Just be wary about it.