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Daily YouTube – Instant Survival Shelter Idea

[SoutherPrepper1 points out the use of pre-fabricated sheds as an instant survival shelter idea. Combine this idea with a small rural piece of land and you may have yourself a descent bug out location for a reasonable cost. It might even be useful as a place for extra people, extra supplies, or whatever. Watch the video to see his thoughts.]

4 comments to Daily YouTube – Instant Survival Shelter Idea

  • T.R.

    Pre-fabs are great ! . Only thing I might do is make it more substantial by buying block or brick and surround it at least up to the first 5ft .insulate the poop out of it . People have made some amazing shelters out of stranger things …..very livable and comfortable shelters .

  • Jen

    Would you prefer a shed or an RV as a temporary bug out shelter?

    • That’s a tough one, but I would probably pick the RV because it is designed as a temporary shelter. With a bit of ingenuity you could make it livable for quite some time such as routing the toilets to a nearby pit. Of course, the shed could be built up to be a bit more survivable, in that, you could more easily add insulation, a fireplace, etc.