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Daily YouTube – Kiddie Pool As Emergency Water Storage

[Although the video by Wranglestar is a short one, the idea is nonetheless a viable one: keep and use an inflatable kiddie pool around for a number of reasons, including water storage, bathing, greywater, firefighting, etc. While the pool they feature in the video is huge, even a simple kiddie pool such as this one is better than nothing, will hold quite a bit of water, and is relatively inexpensive. As with anything, you get what you pay for so you might consider a larger inflatable pool instead. Of course, there are some very serious concerns with using a kiddie pool to collect water, such as being prone to puncture, evaporation, as well as being open to the elements and insects. As such, this idea is at best a backup to the backup.]

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  • Jen

    We keep a few of these on hand for this very purpose. Cheap as can be from Walmart or Target. Good idea.